Personal Aids

The range of Personal Aids from Aidapt include innovative and affordable products for users of all ages. This includes as pill dispensers and reminders, handy reachers, writing and reading aids and portable urinals for women and men.

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Select Aides pour la Lecture et l

Aides pour la Lecture et l'Ecriture

Writing and Reading Aids are designed to make writing easier for those who have difficulty gripping standard pens and pencils; ideal for users with limited dexterity. We also offer helpful tools for crafts and hobbies too!

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Light Touch Pen

Select Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers

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Select Bathing and Hygiene

Bathing and Hygiene

For greater flexibility for users with a wide range of mobility needs, the Bathing and Hygiene Aids range includes items to help with more independent bathing and showering. Look out for our cleverly-designed sponges and brushes with extra-long handles and no-bend foot cleaner.

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Foot Cleaner with pumice

Select Door Entry and Access

Door Entry and Access

Door Entry and Access products including aids for handling keys, storing keys, mobility aids to enable easier access to the home and electronic door entry and security products.

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Aidapt Wall Mounted Key Safe

Select Dressing Aids

Dressing Aids

The Personal Aids and Dressing Aids from Aidapt make dressing yourself easier and faster, with products including elasticated shoe laces, sock and pantyhose aids, shoehorns and button hook fastening tools.

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Sock and Stocking Aid

Select General Aids

General Aids

The General Personal Aids from Aidapt include a range of products to make life easier for those with limited mobility or dexterity, solving everyday problems with simple, affordable personal aid solutions.

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Nail Clipper

Select Handy Reachers

Handy Reachers

Handy Reachers are an extremely popular and affordable Personal Aid designed to help the user to reach, grab and lift light items without bending, reducing the risk of injury due to over-reaching. Once you have one of these you'll wonder how you managed without!

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Handy Reacher

Select Incontinence and Urinals

Incontinence and Urinals

Portable Urinals, Bedpans and Incontinence Pads are Personal Aids for use in the home or hospital. Our plastic urinals are ergonomically and atanomically designed and available in models for women or men, while our disposable bed pads have soft facing for comfort with a waterproof backing.

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Female Portable Urinal

Select Pill Dispensers

Pill Dispensers

Taking the right medication at the right time is vitally important; make this easier with a useful pill dispenser or reminder from Aidapt.

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Pill Reminder

Select Rehabilitation and Exercise

Rehabilitation and Exercise

This expanding range of Aidapt products is designed to help with rehabilitation, exercise and physical wellbeing. Here you will find affordable items to improve dexterity and grip strength as well as products that will enable you to take gentle exercise in the comfort of your home.

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Pedal Exerciser

Select Visual Aids

Visual Aids

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Big Button Talking Alarm Clock